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Fitness Suite


Fitness Suite


stay fit on the go

The Mespil Hotel Fitness Suite is available for hotel residents (over 18s). The gym offers a mixture of cardio and resistance equipment.


Cardio Equipment

Precor Treadmill TRM 661

The TRM 661 Treadmill will allow you the full experience of either walking or running within the gym while emerced in your own private entertainment selection.

The Preva app and functions allow you enjoy custom workouts, Netflix, Spotify and Youtube to name a few.

Precor Treadmill EFX635

The EFX 635 delivers to you a full body workout and club-level appearance on a premium look a feel machine. The P31 console complements the line through form and function, with easy-to-use motion controls, an LED display with essential workout stats to keep exercisers moving, and a mobile device charger.

Precor Upright Bike UBK635

The UBK 635 upright bike features custom-designed handlebars with integrated handheld heart rate for maximum comfort and efficient workout experience. Easy seat adjustment, redesigned saddle for riding comfort, and improved knee over pedal spindle (KOPS) geometry for efficient pedalling mean a smooth, comfortable workout.

The Destroyer Air Bike

Is a stationary bike that offers an intense full-body workout with a twist. This exercise bike will help you strengthen your lower body and arms simultaneously while working up a huge sweat. This all-in-one cross trainer will push your strength and endurance to its limits, allowing you to sculpt your dream body as you please. This cross-trainer bike comes with a user-friendly LCD tracker that allows you to experience different workouts depending on your taste or mood. You can choose to track your time, distance, speed, heart rate, and various other modes, ensuring you're always engaged with new challenges. The Air Bike is ergonomically designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Its adjustable seat and handlebars are carefully designed to prevent you from experiencing back stiffness, strains, and muscle aches. With the Dual-Action Destroyer Air Bike, you will experience a complete cardio routine right from the comfort of your home. With easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you can rest assured your new home routine will rival any gym workout.


Concept Skierg

Originally designed as a training tool for cross country skiers, the Concept2 SkiErg® has been embraced by the fitness community for its ability to work legs, core and arms in a smooth, continuous motion. Great for all athletes at all levels—you don’t have to be a skier to reap the benefits of the SkiErg’s total body exercise. With the same flywheel and Performance Monitor as our RowErgs and the BikeErg, the SkiErg offers a quality workout that will build your strength and endurance. Our SkiErg is easily adapted to those with lower body limitations or injuries and will deliver complete cardiovascular training, working your core and upper body from a seated position, whether from a stool, chair or wheelchair. Whether you’re an elite cross-country skier looking to improve your power, or someone looking for a great workout, the SkiErg will help you achieve your goals.

Resistance Equipment

Impulse PL Series Multi Press (250lbs)
A shoulder press develops the anterior and lateral deltoid muscles and the chest press develops mainly the pectoral muscles of the chest.

Impulse PL Series Leg Ex/Curl (170lbs)
A leg extension exercise is popular for muscles of the front of the thighs - the quadriceps including the rectus femoris and vastus muscles and a leg curl flexes then extends the knee joint and targets the hamstring muscles of the thigh and the gastrocnemius of the calf.

Impulse IT Series Multi Ab Bench
An ab bench is a simple piece of fitness equipment for doing advanced abdominal exercises. It can be used to perform various styles of crunches.

Precor FTS Glide Multi-Functional Machine

The FTS Glide offers resistance training with freedom of motion to increase core strength, balance, stability and coordination.

With its adjustable height options for the pulleys, a pull-up bar, and a host of accessories, the FTS Glide offers a huge variety of movements to work every muscle group. Consider adding our Multi-adjustable bench.

The FTS Glide features a placard that assists exercisers in set up and provides suggestions for various exercises.


A free weights section with a selection of dumbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells ranging from 2kg - 20kg can be found on the 1st floor.

A balance and stretching area is also available with stretching mats and a Pro Fit ball.






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